Invisalign® Frequently Asked Questions

How does invisalign work?

Invisalign uses a series of custom made virtually invisible aligners. During your treatment you will be given a series of aligners. These aligners gradually shift your teeth into the position mapped out by your Dr. Salas.

How long should aligners be worn?

To ensure you get the best results, aligners should be worn for 20 – 22 hours per day. You can remove your aligners to eat and drink, and also to brush and floss.

How long will treatment last?

The average case takes about 12 months for an adult. However, length of treatment does vary from patient to patient. Consult with Dr. Salas for more information on expected treatment time.

Is invisalign treatment painful?

Some patients experience temporary discomfort during the beginnings of each new stage of treatment. This feeling of pressure is normal. Remember, it’s a sign that your treatment is working! The discomfort usually subsides in a few days.

Will invisalign affect my speech?

As with any orthodontic treatment, patients do usually have a short adjustment period. Your tongue will get used to the aligner, and you’ll be talking like yourself again in no time!

Are there restrictions on foods i can eat while in treatment?

No. That’s one of the big benefits of Invisalign. You can go on with your life as usual. Since you are required to take out your aligners when eating and drinking, you are free to eat and drink whatever you want. Remember, it is important to brush your teeth after each meal and before putting your aligners back in.

Can i chew gum?

We recommend removing aligners prior to all meals and snacks. Sticky foods, like gum, will stick to your aligners.

How often do i need to visit the orthodontist?

Appointments are usually scheduled once every 4 – 6 weeks depending on your treatment plan. Consult with Dr. Salas for more information.

How do i clean my aligners?

You can brush your aligners using toothpaste, and also rinse them in lukewarm water.

Do i need to wear a retainer after treatment is completed?

It is recommended that all orthodontic patients wear a retainer in order to prevent your teeth from gradually shifting. Sleeping with a retainer will help your teeth stay in their new positions.

How much does invisalign cost?

It is our goal to make Invisalign affordable for all our patients. The cost of Invisalign treatment varies depending on the severity of your treatment plan, how long your treatment will last, and the specific details prescribed by Dr. Salas.